Adventures with Portra 400 NC

Here are six photos I like from the film I picked up from the lab yesterday.

Everything shot in Portra 400 NC.

Jacinto had a flat tire, so we had to find a place to fix it. These are someone’s tools of the trade.
N got some lovely colourful sandals
Gauchito. Monterrey’s best Argentinean tacos. End of discussion.
This is how many people park in this place. SUCKS. It’s sooo dificult to park correctly. Seems like people have a brain disability that does not allow them to park correctly. Full view. Tell me if ANY car is correctly parked. It’s a fucking jungle.
This is the midday sky. I heard somewhere: “Noon is the new Golden Hour”. Hahahaha.
I don’t post many self portraits, but I liked this one somehow. Photoshopped the b/w. I prefer self portraits in b/w.

It’d be cool if at least one of those photos made you smile.

Hope life catches you well.



N says:

T, esto parece que quedaría en photo-photo o no entiendo la diferencia!!! No me vayas a decir que lo “artístico”…