A Wedding, Trip Up North, and the Usual Rant

Strange feeling sitting on the corner waiting.

My favorite one is still burning… this old flavor of youth. Yeah. Trying to prove something.

You try so hard, and it all comes to a brief hit.

…and this is the last one.

I just love it when electronic devices sort of sync to the body. Like… songs that really fit your mood… even though the device it’s set on random.

Silencio – Ely Guerra. Headphones and the remains of a certain period of my life. No one talking around.

The wind whirs around the headphones and remind me how you cannot totally disconnect from what happens around.

Strangers passing by and well, the heat of this oven-like city.

I was watching America’s Most Smartest Model on tv (yeah, like there’s so much to do around), and found some interesting words:

  • Nincompoop
  • Emaciated
  • Variegated

There ya go. If you’re bored go look out for their meaning.

I’m listening to Muse. It’s been a while since the last time I was really into Muse… (I can picture Checo telling Galo: “duuude, you don’t know them… you’re not a fan”). Well, I never really listened to them. I saw them live, and I pretty much enjoyed it.

*zap* Subject Change *zap*

A man who ran the board of directors of my uni died last week. As expected, Monday morning was a pretty hectic day. I had to create spots for the huge tv screen outside campus, send EVERYONE on this campus the formal PR communication about the decease, and some other stuff. Couldn’t attend this journalism workshop I was supposed to be at. This workshop is quite interesting… I’m much more into electronic media and publishing, but well… theory of journalism will come in handy sooner or later.

Today I had to write a small article about whatever I wanted as long as I included context and impact of the product/action itself. So I presented the Kindle, and while getting info about it, I found this:

*Loved* the wired book.

How come most reviews are boring (except for engadget and techcrunch (lately) )? I know… not all business people care about this, but I do. If it makes me smile with witty humour, I’ll probably like it.


By the way… how come Photoshop doesn’t have a “Auto-all my photo”? I know… it’s oh so powerful… I guess it could even photoshop the hunger out of the world, and photoshop world peace, and stuff. Yeah… it’s a damn verb. Like BillG said about Google being a verb (to google-it). The point is that I sometimes don’t carry a somewhat decent camera, and I’m stuck with the cellphone camera which sucks royal.

So here’s the scenario: I take a photo with my crappy phone camera, then import it into Photoshop (which might be overkill now that I think of it…. there’s only so much photoshop can do with a crappy photo), and then I have to:

  • Auto Levels
  • Auto Contrast
  • Auto Color

But we’re missing a super ultra mega useful:

  • Auto Don’t Suck

Something like this:

Check under “Auto Color” – in bold… yay!

Yeah, well, that goes for the guys at Adobe. You need a functional spec for that? Hahaha. “Auto don’t suck v0.3 build 0012” hahaha. Riiiight.

*zap* Subject Change *zap*

I got tired that my journalism class had all the class documents, references, research papers crammed in a single gmail account with no filters, so I did the geek thing and created a blog for all the stuff in our class. Yeah, I *LOVE* content management systems (you could say blogs, but technically unless you can actually manage tags, categories, and authors, it’s not properly a content management system).

An asshole once accessed the mail account, and deleted everything.

So much for being in college; that bastard will get it sooner or later.



This was cute. Little girl paying for a hamburger.

Then……… wedding time!!!

As we walked into the wedding dinner/party…
Cool lights when we came in

A week later, we drove up North… we drove to North America (as if we weren’t already there – In case you did not know, FYI North America comprises Mexico as well).

Laredo… here we go!!! Yay!!!

…cool roads under deep blue skies ain’t free…

This is the second customs check… if you get a red light, they search your car for things thing requiring import taxes.
Do I smell corruption?

Before crossing the Mexico-US bridge. There are the typical paper people giving away US-stores’ newspapers… urging you to buy, buy, buy, BUY, BUY… BUY, DAMN IT!!!!

There are also people begging for some spare change


Tejas? Texas? Well…

If you work in industrial design and your boss wants a sink that “flows” I guess this is more-or-less what you need.

And that’s it for somewhat decent photos.

Moving on to simpler photos…

Finally The Sharper Image went bankrupt. I mean… how many “Ultra-massage 9000 VX” chairs can you sell???


And for our grand finale….

There was this woman in Laredo’s Old Navy that carried two huge bags stuffed with sandals to the cashier.

Yeah, those ones you grab at the entrance of outlet stores.

I insist… HUGE

The lady behind me whispered to me “Oh my God, two bags… it’s too much”. I told her.. “Well, it could be worse”.

And then it became worse.

The woman stepped out of the cash register to grab a SHOPPING CART FULL OF SANDALS.

I told the lady… “Well, yeah, it was worse”.

Everyone started looking at the cart, and I grabbed my P&S and took her picture.

So now you know… this is what a shopping cart full of sandals looks like.


With the 28mm you lose a bit of the *hugeness* of the cart

That’s a goooood moment to switch cashier lanes.

Comment on this… what do you think she was going to do with all those sandals?

  • Wear a new pair every day for a year?
  • Sell them twice the price in a flea market in Monterrey?
  • Give them to their children and grandchildren so they never get sandal-less?
  • Prepare sandal recipes at her place?
  • Build a castle of sandals one on top of the others?

Hope life catches you well.



gaby says:

jaja, America’s Most Smartest Top Models es uno de mis guilty pleasures… la idea es maravillosa, y se presta para muuuuuchas variaciones (america’s most smartest [insert almost anything here])