Mercado de Sonora – Rough translation of an interview with a healer

Here, in the Sonora Market, there are many elements of the occultism.

Many spiritist, santeros, witches, magicians and chamanes are found here.

To do any witchcraft work, there are four main elements that rule the planet: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Everything is energy. Witchcraft does not exist, it’s only energies.

But how are energies created? Chamanes dance around a bonfire until they reach ecstasy to create energy; there are people who mourn/pray; there are those who work with herbs and manipulate herbal substances to whatever end… good or bad.
But there is a greater power that people do not recognize: the energy of the human being. There are those of us who have a great mental power, there are some who are not aware of their own power.

The human body is a receiver and an emitter of energies, that is while after some time there is a need to cleanse the body. For this end, there are many many methods… like temazcales, baths in rivers or cascades, cleansings, quartz stones, etc.

The easiest and most traditional way to heal oneself is an egg, or some herbs from nature. Most of the time, no-one knows how
to do it properly, nor how to use the 4 elements.

At the beginnings of time, there were two parts that controlled the stability of the planet: the good and the bad. Since these are two extremes, a fusion becomes a saint… the balance.

Saints desired more power so they discovered red magic and green magic.

Red magic is a very powerful energy, and uses blood from sacrifices or donations.

Green magic is based on nature; herbs. It does good or bad to the humans. There are very powerful herbs that may kill
humans, so everything depends on what is used.

Most of the people doing this, are not aware of the foundations of how to handle magic. A lot of them have read literature from undocumented sources that worked for a particular case, and most likely won’t work for other cases.

Black magic by itself does no harm… you need to have a combination: a duality.

There are four main types of magic: Black magic, green magic, red magic, white magic: four elements: Water Earth Wind and Fire.

Many recipes or preparations just use a couple of types of magic, without considering the others… for the product to work, you need the presence of four… it’s like a two-feet table.

I’m 53, and I’ve been doing this since I was 12. There’s nothing I haven’t read… but many don’t know a thing. I was taught by ascended teachers whose names I can’t mention.

There are three fundamental steps to a complete process:

1.- Consacration of the elements: that prepares the energy in them.

2.- A rite: All the movements and gestures for the process: whether good or bad.

3.- The spells: the most important step. The spells create an enchantment; they close… they create a trascendency in the process.

For a healing, herbs or natural elements are used. Oils, soaps, lotions, perfumes… many elements can be used as well. In reality, to heal a person you need energybecause the human being is energy.

There are four other steps for a healing process:

1. destroy all bad energy. Spirits and negative energies exists. Even though people don’t believe in them, we are not alone at all. They exist beyond our capacity to understand them.

2. The human body is comprised by seven energy points called chakras. When someone is not feeling well, it’s because their chakras are not stable. Once a person stabilizes and harmonizes his/her chakras, healing occurs… this can be done with herbs, with energies, with many different elements… even with conventional medicine.

3.- We are all immersed in the energy of the human being. There’s a polarity; once a person is polarized he/she becomes a human magnet. Bad energy can be repelled and good energy can be attracted. For all this, you need a process… this polarity exists on Earth. There’s people whose polarity is so unstable that good things that arrive to them are repelled unconsciously… same with health. When you’re correctly polarized, you attract good energy.

4.- There are many protections (like the tetragrammathron), and elements that serve as protection. Unless those things have a healing and spell process, they are only material things, and cannot provide real protection.

Once you have a connection with divine energy, the universal energy, you become immune to many things, and no energy can affect you; you have an energy field that protects you.

(shows book by Barbara Newmann – hands that heal)

The most special cleansing is by using quartz…. it has an energy by its own.

In Sonora Market, in order to know who knows about magic and who is fake, one should ask them how many types of magic exist. If they don’t mention the 4 magic we have mentioned, don’t waste your money.

If a person uses an egg for a cleansing, they use white and red magic because the egg is in principle a living being, and it is used as a sacrificed to absorb all bad energy in the person.

If they use plants to cleanse, they use black and green magic.

The trick is in consacrating the elements and ritualizing the process. In wrong hands, this processes can hurt people, or do evil upon others.

In this market, there are not many people left who know about magic… the only way is to approach someone who knows magic.

In a human being the energy terminals are in the palms of the hands and the feet; those are the sources of energy flow in all of us.