Swing Low

So 2008 kicked in…
…and it’s all a mess. Not a bad mess, but a rather interesting type of mess; many things to move around, and many others to decide. Where to next? For the time being, up North.
N’s there, so that’s where I’m headed.
So I wanted to play drums.
Fuck the neighbours. I’ve wanted to sit before my drums for a year now, so I did. I stopped caring about living in a flat, and actually assembled the drums (not the whole set… just a brit-esque setup).

So there were a couple of phone calls.

Thinking about what were the feelings when all the posts were deleted. It’s pretty easy to talk shit about people, but when the person you talk shit about happens to think. I believe in the correct ways and means to act.
Try thinking before acting for a change.
So I’m not in the mood to write any longer.

I’m off to watch Top Chef, some Vogue photos, and then straight to bed.
Hope life catches you well.