As dreamy as a Sigur Rós song.

Just an average day in Mexico City. Lots of things to do, and well, nothing to do really.
It’s my first amazing futureless and unemployed vacation.
Some call it their personal hell, I prefer the term “freedom”. Try not to picture Bush waving a Republican flag. Feeling sick from all that media overdose. Burn your TV down.
So I woke up.
First day I have some decent sleep. My bed at my parents’ is pretty fucked up. Slept there for more than a decade and a half, so I guess it was about time it gave up on me. I had to get an old exercising mat and place it under the mattress.
Simple breakfast – two-year-old cereal samples. Old, hardened, and tasting funny.
Note to self: Do small shopping with parents when coming over.
Went to pick up my electric razor. It’s not cool to hear an old repair guy saying “those modern trimmers are complicated” when you need your trimmers serviced. Fuck that. I’d rather take it downtown for some good fixing. You can find everything downtown Mexico City… that’s one of the advantages to be in the largest city on Earth. Getting to the repair shop is an adventure itself. Downtown’s fucking huge. I’ll get there later…

So I wanted to see N today.

Crossed Mexico City from South to North. Got to N’s, and realized how much I’ve missed her. Just a smile everything is just fine.
Sbarro is awesome. Sbarro with N is even better. I drove a loooong way in Seattle to bring N Sbarro food to the airport, and we had Sbarro in NYC near Times Sq. when we were starving after the loong walk from the Financial District, to Times Sq. We have a small story with Sbarro. Well, there is only one place N knows where we prefer pizza. It’s just by the place that’s “our” place. Pizza and a sunset by the beach. Will not elaborate any further.
So we went downtown Mexico City.


The “Cleansing” of the soul.

Met with AP and Collín in the metro station. Got down at the Fine Arts Palace, which is always quite a sight. Took some snaps at passers by and really liked them. Should get N a decent camera one day. Well, hers is decent, it’s just old. Anyhow… I can shoot with Nikon Pro glass and get a fucking great photo, or shoot a simple PS and still get a good shot, so don’t bitch about pixels when I post them (are you expecting an f1.4 in N’s camera? Seriously, fuck off).


The Cathedral


A Police Officer

We saw the huge skating rink in front of the National Palace. How smart is that? I mean… use shitloads of energy to keep that shit cold, in Mexican open air weather. Brilliant! Instead of actually working to make this a better country through work or proper economic development (as Garch – the most brilliant economist I’ve met – would probably insist), we make the crowd happy with this shit. When native, homeless people with 3 children and no shoes come begging for change, smile and point at the skating rink if you please.


The skating rink

Note to self: Before ice-skating in Mexico City’s downtown skating rink, think what these skates smell like.
Walked to a drums store that was unable to be reached, so as plan B, we went for churros. Churros with N, AP, and Collín are quite a laugh. Fun times.
Had to say goodbye to N and her friends. Had an awesome day. Kind of playing tourist in my town.
Went back to my parents, and saw my father falling asleep on the couch. One of those moments I will never forget. A man I have looked up to since being a small kid. All, in a really human moment. Someone who taught me to think.
So I want to sleep.
Lifeless, fucked up people unable to get over the past, others craving for attention saying they are paranoid when they have no fucking clue about actually being paranoid, an ex that tries so hard to tempt the person who’s over her, cruises over the Atlantic, or gays behaving like 14-yr-old princesses… let’s see what life brings next. Right now, I’m just walking with an open mind, beating heart, and love by my side (which feels weird, FYI).
Like she wrote on the wall:
“Wings set on the back and soil-stained feet.”
Hope life catches you well.
p.d. The title comes after watching Sigur Rós live with Jools Holland. Wonderful.