Stop This Train…

As usual, I had to leave Monterrey in a rush. I guess if it was all careful planned it just wouldn’t feel right. I am working on changing that.
This will be a photoblog-esque entry; I shot a couple of things today, and found some others in a CF card.


My room. Well, “my room”. Love the frame created by the entering light.
I guess it is sad to switch apartments yet once again. Life goes on.
Among the photos I found, some belong to a series I did with Pablo. We had planned to walk around the city, shooting street. Due to some problems, we went out after the sun had come down. It was sad to waste a perfect overcast day to shoot street, but I amused myself just fine.
We drove up a hill where the largest Mexican flag in Monterrey is placed.


I don’t recall being here at night.
Since I did not bring any fast glass, I had to use hiiiiigh ISO, which is not that nice.


Many 15 year-old girls come here when they are about to celebrate their “presentation into society” party. I have said a lot of shit about that, so I won’t go any further. At first I thought the dress had some kind of lamp (which would not surprise me at all, knowing the amazing tacky tastes some people have), but she stood over one of the lamps that point at the flag.


Pablo made a comment relating City Love and this scene. We both captured this couple while they talked. It sort of made me think how much I complained when I was 18, and how different things are now. Had to make it BW… wish it was film instead, but well… you have to make the most out of the equipment at hand.


This is Pablo after parking the car. Most of Barrio Antiguo (old Quarter) is lighted using these orange lamps. I remember how much we hesitated about leaving the car there… but well… we just parked and left.


This is a Christmas tree installed on the Macroplaza. It had an amazing pink glow.


I liked this one. Somehow the mom and baby make me wonder what were the words they were crossing.


I waited for Pablo to take his eyes off the viewfinder and as soon as he looked to me, I pressed the shutter.


I think this was just after this one .
Just after looking at the tree, we decided to move towards the Municipal Palace.


I hadn’t been here in ages. The palace is now a museum and it’s free (something new for me in Monterrey). It’s worth the visit if you happen to be nearby.


The outside.


The inside w/ Pablo’s head.
We later ate some tacos. Well, not just “some”, but El Gauchito’s – the best tacos in Monterrey IMO.
The next day I got into a bus and left.
Here is the last photo: Mexican desert. Kilometers of nothing.


Every time I get on a bus I have just enough time to think about life and times.
12 hours? That gives you just enough time to think a thing or two.
Hope life catches you well…