One day I’ll look back and see how much this year taught me

This is a long overdue post.

During the past months I’ve hand something to do (either directly or
indirectly) with the following:

  • Carcrash
  • Hating insurance companies to death
  • New car
  • Stolen laptops
  • Breaking and entering
  • Waking up chez-moi, not knowing that the same day I’d
    move out
  • Move for the 14th time in the last 5 years
  • A phone call that started with the words “I did not give you my
    cell number to give you bad news”
  • Carcrash – again… in a different car

It has been a complicated year, but there’s hope for next year…

All and all, my life’s far from being stuck.

I used to bitch about getting all this shit, and why someone else
was not getting it. But oh well, I’m a grown-up now (…and that person
is seemingly swapping fluids with someone s.t.d.-ful — haha… so
there’s justice after all
) .

And well, after teaching some programming workshops, promoting my
career, and looking at a recent trip (paid by my uni), there’s space to
think about what’s coming ahead… besides finals.

I developed some rolls a bit more than a month ago…

I tried Efke 25, Delta 400 pushed +1, and the regular Delta 100.

Less talky, more looky….. this is Efke 25:

One of the screws that hold together a huge concrete wall…


It’s super cool to shoot mid day at f1.4, but I don’t shoot much at
that time… I guess my thing is still 100 or 400.

A local church and the iconic mountain in the background

One of my uni’s buildings… small break during a class

Guys riding in the back of a truck… safety ftw!!1. Shot from a taxi
cab – learning to play with the rf parallax

The long way out of school… The wind in this place is just awesome.
This is near Bob’s

ITESM – grad school. Posh and nice.

“Un lago en el cielo… Vamos despacio para encontrarnos; el tiempo es
arena en mis manos.” (Cerati)

This is where I used to live… I moved out in less than 24 hrs. The
whole deal.

Urban views. This one reminds me of Matt

Crossing bridges

  Yummy ice-cream in one hand – camera in the other hand

One of those contre-jours I like. Some leaves look ghostly

As we walked into the cinema… from light to dark

Some asshole staring…

Gray days + dew = stay at home and chill (or develop film)

Crossing more bridges

That’s about it for the Efke. Cool: yes. For me: naaaaaaaah… not

Maybe I just need to know how to develop it properly…


I also tried Delta 400 pushed to
. It’s the first time I use that, so I am learning how to
develop it properly. IMHO it rocks.

Here are film scans from the previous DJ Ferh entry:

Love the haze in this frame

Concert atmosphere – lights, smoke, beer.


Metering the scene, and then compensating for the light hitting DJ

Like a zombie film… braaaaains…. BRRRAAAAIIINSSSS

Coward shot. Only the back, and not to the face.

DJ Ferh’s b-day. Buddies, booze, and birds

As the cake came in…

…and then splattered into DJ Ferh’s face

Delta 400+1: Rocks.

And now our traditional and beloved Delta 100. My personal fave 4-eva-and-eva.

N + contrejour

This is what I loive about delta 100. You want blacks, you get blacks; you want highlights, there ya go. I’m not really sure why, but it just *clicks* for me.

Fucking shitty windows (N knows why)

Can’t have an entry without mirrors

Mmmm… hungrrrrry

The Rolleiflex + messy desk.

I still have to develop the squary 120 delta 100. So far so good with 35mm, but my experience developing 120 is pretty much none. I used to shoot delta with a lovely Hasselblad back in the day, but oh well… damn third world economy!

Monterrey – morning. I might miss this one day

Monterrey – another morning

Self in the rear bus mirror

Someone probably digs schoolgirls… and got his very own…

Urban palm

Lex Luthor waiting in the museum line

Contemporary Art Museum girls…

It’s been a long time since I last sat down and wrote properly. Well, sometimes you need something to actually get you going… pencil, paper, laptop… whatever.

Saw a movie recently My Blueberry Nights. Norah Jones’ acting is not thaaat good, but there are some bits I loved from that film like the fact of how sometimes eventhough it’s the right person, it’s just not the right time.

It sort of reminded me of how you’ve got to fix yourself before you can be with someone else.

Been thinking a lot about certain phrases that define so much in so little:

Dan: You think love is simple. You think the heart is like a diagram.
Larry:  Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood

Since I saw that film in a cinema, I’ve loved it…  guess why I found out about Steve Pyke.

There are a million awesome things I’ve got to tell.. . awesome things…

but tonight is not the night.

Hope life catches you well,



N says:

“Family” trip!!!!!
Pizza hut
Llevas cámara!