Quick Entry

Seems like it will take me longer than expected to upload another big film-entry, so here’s a quick one with squared-neg film. The long one will be up before November ends– I promise.

Grabbed the Rollei and did a couple of test frames… everything Portra 400VC (my new favorite 120 colour film)

Ok… it still works… thanks Mr. Fleenor… more than a year and still good.

I was walking around the uni, looking for something or someone to photograph, and I found a writer that teaches here: Felipe Montes. He’s got a bunch of groupies here… which is kind of funny.

Normal portrait

It was cool approaching him; he was eating, and seemed surprised to see me asking if I could make a picture.

I had only 4 frames, so I did 3 close and 1 from a normal distance.

Up, close and personal – using Rolleinars #2

I never thought the Rolleinars were the *exact* thing I was looking for. Can’t tell you how sharp the full frame is.

Now I can try and play Steve Pyke.

That’s all for now.

Have some good news…

…not telling right now, of course.

… it would ruin the surprise.

Hope life catches you well.