…as blue, as a Polaroid sky…

So I shot a colour film.


Some random street flower

N says she likes colour… I prefer bw. She’s all colorful, and I’m not. I guess that’s self-explanatory. Nevertheless a colour film isn’t bad every now and then.

Monterrey is an über dusty place. Dust everywhere… guess that’s what you get for building a city right in a desert in the middle of nowhere. I’m not a big fan of washing N’s car, but every now and then it gets just too dirty to handle, so off we go…


Drops drops drops

I hate people who are anal about stupid details. This woman stayed in the drying area for more than 30 minutes at peak time for customers. Come on… a dry car is a dry car… it’s not like she’s driving a bmw or mercedes– please…


Nice gigantic diaper!

Winter is over – blue skies for now.

I Iike the way my uni’s building look when clean.

The other day N and I went to get some sushi. You get to see oh-so-f*****g-pretentious people in sushi places in Monterrey. Yeah, like eating with two sticks actually made you special.


For some time I have had the idea to document people like her, and write why I sometimes hate this city to death, but then again I’m not sure… it would take time, and well, putting time into a project not worth it is not something I can’t afford right now.
The other day I crossed the river and went to the US… the bridge that connects Mexico and the US is quite a subject itself. I can’t wait anymore to take a roll to the lab… there’s one frame I am anxious to post… but that’ll wait for now.


Just before the toll booths in the Mexico-US bridge

This ad says that if you buy generic medicines, they’ll give you basic food as well. That’s pure, solid BS. Yeah, so certain people starve in my country… and you want to use that as a marketing advantage? Well, screw you.

I know… it’s better than nothing, but why try to place your product when you could feed some instead of paying for huge adverts.

Ok, no more nonsense rants…

Hope life catches you well,