Gone With the Wind

Funny how the weather works in this place.

Average day

You wake up and remember to go buy a fuse for parking lights of your car. Phone the dealer, and drive over to pay the dollar it costs. Get back home, and watch TV. Then there’s this weird sound… like really strong wind passing through the apartment. You get up and the blue sky is no longer there – all is gray and foggy… and smells like dust. I guess that’s the way Apocalypse begins.


Dust storm in Monterrey – 10.30

Somehow this looks like  the sky in Seattle, but no. This is Monterrey, this is NOT normal here.

And then the electricity was cut off. Do try to picture the sound of wind passing really fast, and things in the roof vibrating. It was rather spooky.


The wind ripped some panoramic ads

By this time the wind was still very very strong… we went out nevertheless… we had to eat.


Fallen Advert

And then it stopped for a moment, and it was sort of pretty


well, sometimes monterrey is not that bad

And then we got back home, and there was no elelectricity… yay… but it was fun… we talked all night… sometimes I wonder about how much N means to me.


N – Candle light
I love my new camera. Exactly what I just needed… a small point and shoot that worked well when needed. I don’t need  the 10mp but well… I just needed something portable that worked well.

Coolpix S600. Check that one out….

I’m just waiting for some new toys to arrive… yeah… nice toys.

Hope life catches you well…