Can’t Wait…

… to read in certain blogs how fabulous Smashing Pumpkins’ concert was.

I guess most of the people will never understand them (I cut them a lot of slack though). They will just feel “in love” with going to the concert and yelping when Corgan screams “shut the f*ck up”.

Yeah it’ll be so friggin’ funny to read some crap like: “…to watch Billy Corgan and vibrate to his songs, just left me wishing for more”.


Puh-leaseee… the man’s got a whiny voice…

For me, it’s not just the Pumpkins… it was about wondering what I was supposed to do in my life when I was 15 listening to them after my dad said they were “interesting”. Then came Adore (1998)… and it made me see bands differently. Just when I was starting to know them, they kicked out Chamberlin, and became a strange, dark version of themselves.

I mean, how much can we change before we’re just a memory in those who believed in us?

And then you feel they are cool because someone else liked them? And you memorized the “greatest hits”? Riiight.

And you knew every song to the concert? Uh-uh… I didn’t think so.

You cried in “tonight tonight”, but never quite got the edge from “to sheila”?

You don’t even know why D’arcy left… and still think the Pumpkins rock, right?


I won’t go deeper with this… after seeing them live in Mexico City and in Monterrey, well, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what kind of people went to see them.