post-2008 thoughts

Now that 2008 has passed us by, here are some thoughts about it.

Worst band of 2008: Coldplay

I liked Coldplay. I really did. I liked them enough to grab a plane and see them live at Madison Sq Garden. I still think Spies is their best song… ever. But somehow it had been spiraling downward since the second album came out.

I tried too hard to not complain about the second and third album, but after Violet Hill I threw the towel. I felt seriously disappointed. It’s like you’re dating someone who you felt infatuated with. Yeah, the first flush was awesome, but then somehow you realize (s)he’s really stupid. And you keep saying to yourself how this may just be a bad streak… over and over and over. Until they publicly do something that embarrasses you so hard that you realize how it’s been shitty all along.

And the last album… please… just take a look at the cover. They claim to have been inspired by Frida Khalo (suuuucks) and people throwing out the status quo. Guuuys, last time I heard, in the painting La liberté guidant le peuple, Eugène Delacroix depicts people being guided by FREEDOM, commemorating the French revolution of 1830. So… why the *fuck*is it cool to “vandalize” a painting that represents what they heartedly support? I don’t get it. It’d be better to paint over something that represents the old regime, or something they hate, otherwise it’s like a rebel without a cause… like a 10 yr old boy saying “no” to all.

Eugène Delacroix – La liberté guidant le peuple

Source: Wikipedia

Band that pushed it too hard to be pop and now they’re public figures instead of people focused on music: Bajofondo Tango Club.

The first time I heard BFTC, a friend and I were talking about how cool Gotan Project was, then he gave me a cd and insisted I should hear it.

After listening to the cd a few times I really liked it. The style was so fresh that I read about the band, origins, and influences. Since I’ve been a fan of Gustavo Santaolalla is one of my favorite artists for soundtracks as well as Eric Sierra, I kept reading and listening.

And so the Bajofondo story went on… i kept on listening, and then bought the Bajofondo Remixed cd… lots of stuff from Luciano Supervielle

…and then came Mar Dulce. It’s a different concept from the previous cd, but well, an inevitable change, nevertheless. Lots of collaborations…. to the point that some people i’ve spoken with, believe that Gustavo Cerati is a member of BFTC.

And that sucks.

Best new band (well, new for me): Editors

Yes, yes, yes yes. Would undoubtedly see them live.

I prefer them over Interpol. Great drummer, and an overall feeling that reminds me of bleak, gray skies, and decaying urban landscapes.

Best new thing I can’t live without:TV Series

My personal favorites:

  • The Big Bang Theory: Even before it debuted here I wanted to see that. After the first episode, I was hooked.
  • Project Runway: Can’t think about seeing it without N. She’s got an amazing taste.
  • Family Guy: Evidently.

There are others, but well, it’s a short list anyway. Honorable mention to Samantha Who, My Boys, and Eli Stone.

Best 2008 event: Foundry Photojournalist Workshop – Mexico City

I had never been in a formal photo workshop… and well… it rocked big time.

Awesome teachers, awesome friends, and got to meet some of the guys of MJR.

Best new tool in 2008: Shared between the m6, the rolleinars and the lenovo s10

Cameras and computers…. my tools.

Worst person during 2008: hahaha. sooo many.

Yeah, well… go figure

Worst 2008 drivers: Monterrey drivers

There’s this little thing called BRAKES!!!

Worst 2008 roadtrip: McAllen – N, Jules and Luis

According to what I heard, undoubtedly… the worst.

Best artsy fartsy thing in 2008: Participating in Antony Gormley’s Allotment

Contemporary art at its best. And with someone who proposes something rather interesting. Funny thing: he did not care about Tec… when the wifey called he said something like “yeah, i’m in a university of some sort… don’t know really”.

Try swallow your shitty ego for once, ITESM!!!

There are many other things, but I’m too lazy to think tonight.

Hope life catches you well.



N says:

y los granielotes???

Pablo says:

Pues a mi si me gustó el de coldplay, pero ciertamente no tanto como a Rush of Blood to the Head. Lo que si es que un mal album no hace que me deje de gustar la banda. Te recomiendo el EP que sacaron. Me gustó mucho más que el disco.
Concuerdo un poco con bajofondo, pero aun asi como quiera esta chido. No tan chido como gotan, pero esta chido.

N says:

Papas de granielote hihihihihi
Ah! y papa griega!!!
Y un vestido negro, y libros de colección hihihihihi.
el nacimiento de Diego, R dejando la soltería, muchas cosas José, muchas cosas…
Y & m