Interviews and Movies – Over Thinking, and Not Thinking at all… Oh, and Finding a Decent Lab

A guy who works with N (Javier) was nominated as a candidate for a very interesting prize. Something about youth, and the National Council of Culture and the Arts (not sure if this is the correct translation, but you get the point). So there were many guys nominated for this award – all of them around 20-25 years old. And since there’s so much to do in Monterrey we had to cancel maaaany other events to go. *cough* BS *cough*.

This is where we parked. Love the Reala tones.

So there we were, waiting for the presenter to deliver the prize.

…and Javier friend did not win.

The winner’s work was acquired by the state, so it became some sort of National patrimony.

After handing the prize, we were allowed to go into the museum. All the journalists were following the winner to get the flashy news photo and interview. Frankly, I was quite curious to see her work; the title seemed interesting (well, long, not that interesting, but long).

“Máquina de Influir: Estudio de la conducta en personas de entre 3 y 55 años, niños” – something like that.

We visited the second floor, and voilà… there it was… the winning piece.

I walked around to see it from different angles… tried to understand it… tried to set it within a specific context, and then try to picture it without one.

…and I did not get it.

In fact, I hated it. Big time.

But to be honest, I don’t know that much about art… there are things I instantly love (Monet), some others that grow in me (FGT), others I don’t care about , and those I hate. I hated this one.

Since N is the expert in this field, I asked her what were her thoughts about it. She smiled and whispered “It’s not a good piece at all”.

She then proceeded to illustrate me on how technique-wise, the drawings were nothing special, and how the shadows weren’t good either.

I love how she stays politically correct when someone asks…

Then I saw Javier’s work, and I found it quite interesting. He used a biiig page with small squares on it, to draw an “impression” of a goat-sucker (chupa-cabras); he filled many many small squares as to have two impressions from the piece – from a close distance and long distance. I liked the concept a lot… much more than some boring blurry faces drawn with pencil.

At the end there was some wine… standard procedure for any artsy fartsy event in Monterrey.

I liked the hat on this guy – Reala @f1.4 (b/w photoshopped)

—and that’s how Monterrey just acquired a piece of work that does not propose anything new, or even display great technique.

Sh*t happens.

Moral of the story: You can have a crappy work with a long name, and some “pro” critics will surely consider it amazing.

So I am still looking for a decent lab… one where people do not think that a horribly grainy film is *good* b/w developing. Tried another one, but after I picked up my film and got home, I saw several ugly spots all over it.

Yes, ugly spots. Looky:

The wrong framing is my fault… the spots are not (see circular example under graffiti). Delta 400.

We’re a bit better with the grain, but the spots and dust were worse here… I had to wash some frames again.

I’d never thought about placing a fruit cart outside a sex shop. Delta 400.

Anyway… my birthday was last week and I did lots of stuff… like eat chocolate and sushi. And chocolate again.


A small guy in a sushi place. Delta 400.


Sushi with Martist – conceptual. Delta 400.

*still thinking about chocolate cake*

…and along came May 1st.

No work at all.


Going somewhat straight to get the morning tacos. List in hand and all. Delta 400.


Carnegie Mellon? Well, career oportunities are quite open… why not having your taquería in Mexico? Right, Saca? j/k… hahaha. Delta 400.


Sleeping students… too much sun. She opened her eyes just as I “thwaapped”. Delta 400.


Cetec. Another view is here. Delta 400.

btw… someone dumped a really old TV in the park. If it wasn’t already wet and moldy, it’d be awesome to take it and use it as an aquarium…. nevermind…


Look… I’m on a black and white TV. Delta 400.

Campus closed, no office, and nothing really interesting to do.

As I left the campus, I jumped on a bus and started papping away at people.

…all hipshots…

…and I sort of suck at it… not even one came out half decent.

A girl sitting behing me was looking at what I was doing… I think she was freaked out or something, b/c she looked nervous. I did a frame using the plexiglass thing that protects the back of the driver…


“Who you shooting at, jerk?” Delta 400.

Guys reading papers with half-naked girls. Hipshot. He didn’t look that friendly, so had no time to frame. Delta 400.

Last Wed. we went to the movies. Hadn’t been there in a while, so we forgot all the long lines, and people recklessly getting into the line (proving once again that there is little-to-no education in this town).

Yes… you can bitch about it, but that does NOT happen in Mexico City. Same thing with people leaving their crap after the film. Some local friends I’ve talked to about this “leaving your trash in the seats” thing, tell me that most people think that the price of the ticket includes cleaning their trash.

…and we wonder why we’re third world… …never mind.

FYI – I’m not saying ALL the people in Monterrey are like this… I have the privilege of knowing really nice, educated people who also believe that it’s just plain stupid to be a filthy pig thinking that you already paid for someone else to clean your sh*t… I abhor the fact that MOST of the people who do it, ruin the fame of all those who do not.

…so we saw Made of Honor.

We were pretty tired, and did not want to see anything über intelligent of artsy, or pretentious… we just wanted to chill, and laugh.

I liked it a lot. I insist, it’s not the best film ever, but it made us laugh quite a bit. Somehow I think that Patrick Dempsey is in a Hugh Grant-like role. I like it, and it’s refreshing to see that role without the familiar Hugh Grant face.

That’s it for now. See you next roll.

Hope life catches you well.