…and this is what f****d up film looks like.

There’s this lab in Monterrey where I’ve taken my films since I got here. It’s small and if you’re lucky you can find rolls of film you can’t find anywhere else (discontinued rolls – – oh so close to expiry date, of course).
So I shot a delta 400… it’s been a while since the last time I shot a 400, and these guys screwed it up. So much for trying something new. They developed it so harsh that’s it’s waaay to grainy and too contrasty. Waaaaay too much. Too much as in “after hdr scanning, levels suck”:


…and after levels adjustment… super ultra yuck-grainy….

That was it for this lab.
They suck.
Phoned a new lab. The guy who develops seems nice… hope he knows black and white film includes more than “just black” and “just white”.
I had to cover a marketing event, which was kind of weird.
Lots of 40-50 year olds in jeans and casual jackets; guys who own design and media studios. Everyone talking about creativity and innovation and being sooo cool. Nothing personal, but I believe that the guys who didn’t make it to the “gala” dinner, those who work their butts off until 5am are the ones who should have been present.
Yeah, whatever… I’m sure all the guys there would tell me that it is their business to make the others creative, or “facilitate”. Yeah, well… whatever.
This event took place in what was once a huge iron foundry… nowadays converted into an iron foundry museum.
I guess that when a city was built created around manufacturing facilities, you have to improvise once they become obsolete.


Some random guy on his phone… outside the foundry core

The lights were cool, but I had to take a couple of portraits in almost no light and black walls.
Nowhere you could bounce some decent light.

Tables. Lotsa them…


One of the organizers interviewed for local TV

These last ones remind me of Chris Weeks’ comments about flare. I honestly loved the aperture, so flare’s not that much an issue for me… but then again maybe that’s because I suck and I don’t shoot brick walls.
There was this man from Argentina whose portrait I really needed. At first, I did not approach him because he was busy talking to other people, but when he turned around, I got him. When I said I wanted his portrait, he immediately smiled and posed. In my experience, people with huge egos are somewhat easy to photograph. Even though he had a huge ego, he was easy going… I don’t find that combination that often…


Argentinean guy speaking.
Tried to get closer to blur him out, but the security guy didn’t let me

The rest of the night just went on… nothing really interesting.


Outside the old foundry… by the river

The next day, there was a soccer match at my uni.
Fans start flocking from all over the city, students take control of the buses, and well, it’s kind of a big deal here.


It’s damn hard to drive stick and shoot a manual camera at the same time.

So we did stuff to get away from there. Shopping centre, lunch, etc…
I don’t get the point in trashing stuff because of a sport. Ok… so your team lost. Big deal. Get over it… whatever.
I don’t get hardcore fans… maybe it’s because I was picked last in gym class… and I’m repressed or something. Well, at least, I don’t do drugs, just like many “cool” guys from grade-school.


Tried to catch the flash à la Chris Weeks; close but no cigar…

Then we went back home, and the weekend was over.
Early Monday… wake up, and go to work… try to save the world one online publication at a time.


Sherezade learning the basics of manual focusing

Wednesday suddenly arrived, and I left early to meet with N at the museum.
Before going in, I walked around the central plaza, looking for a place to buy a ticket for the Pumpkins concert. I had nothing else to do, and well, I used to be such a great fan…. the I grew up.


Man selling potato chips

Nothing against Lays (Sabritas, or whatever), but I prefer street chips. Maybe it’s all the crap and bacteria that make them taste so decious… don’t know. If you’re not used to eat street stuff, I suggest you don’t try these… you won’t want to spend the rest of your Mexican vacation looking for a restroom.
I just love 35mm, but I am having a hard time going for the shots. I think it’s because I’m a bit shy, and I don’t want to shove the camera in people’s faces… well… I’ll just keep trying.


Waiting for someone speeding

This last one is a hip-shot. I liked the way it came out. not perfectly centered, but I like it. This spot where the cop is, sucks big time. People who pick up or drop people from an to the museum always stop there. I suppose it’s a cool place to get the “bribe-o’-the-day”. Will try to get a picture of that one day.
Then I went into the museum.



Laura’s a couple of months away from giving birth. Can’t wait to see what the kiddo will look like.

That’s all for now… eventually I have to get some stuff done.

Hope life catches you well.