Film + Digital

I shot a night procession in Monterrey two days ago.

Images and thoughts are in my new site:

Since it had been a while since I actually did some sort of reportage, it was very refreshing to try and capture the event and the mood through images. Sort of like bike riding – you never quite forget how to do it. I used two cameras, a digital body with 2 lenses, and the good ol’ m6 with the 35lux and Delta 400 pushed + 2.

Once I got home, I emptied the card on the computer, did selects, slight editing (contrast / bw conversion / no heavy post or cropping), and uploaded my faves here.

I had a chance to soup the film today, and take it to a big store where the photo manager helps me out scanning and cutting my souped negs – after an hour I was back at home doing selects and edits of the film shots.

From the film shots, here’s my favorite:


Mourning women carrying an image of Mary

Actually I really liked this frame.

I thought of including it on the Daedalum reportage, but it doesn’t feel right – I am definitely not including it there.

Eventhough it covers the same event, for me it conveys a different feeling… a bit more moody, definitely darker, and somewhat closer and more personal (yes, I know – chopped feet – apparently today’s special).

Would you mix this frame with the digital photos?

What do you think? Do you think it conveys the same feelings that the digital frames?

Let me know what you think…