Late at night and I am here typing away some thoughts.

Scrolling down to the last visible entries I could see, I realized it’s been over a year since I wrote all those things.

I guess the hard part is to keep certain devils at bay, and align thoughts and strategy to pursue desires.

I’m thinking “nothing” never felt better.

Here’s a shot from last November:


Voladores de Papantla shot on the m6 + 35lux@f16 + Tri-X. Xtol 9 min@ 20C.

I’m still unsure what’s more my style… Tri-X looks lovely here and there, but I feel I’ve got a lot more experience developing Delta 400 at home. The developer? X-tol ALWAYS – that will not change in the foreseeable future.

Recently acquired some fine tanks to develop even more film at home – I already had one, but it was a really crappy one. German camera, German glass, German developing tank…. I think there’s a nice trend there. Onto less gear talk… there are several forums for that… I’ll digress.

Cheers from the land where time flies so fast you can’t change fast enough to keep up with it.

Hope life catches you well.