A taxi on my way home

I stop and think I want to go home. It’s getting late and I have too many things to do.

I stop a cab and ride on the front. The driver’s kind of nice, which is not standard for this place. I grab the seat belt, and he tells me it is not working…. “something about the receptor that just won’t click”, he says. Then he tells me not to worry, for he will take me home safely.

He then realizes what he just said and tells me: “well, no-one can actually guarantee life, but I’ll do my best to get you home in one piece”.

Strange way to make your client comfortable.

I tell him I trust him more than the other drivers; he makes a living from driving a cab.

We speak about big cities, and about some German guys he just took downtown. We say how dangerous is Mexico City turning lately and then he drops me off; in one piece.

I thank him and wish him a calm night… filled with work, but calm.

Then I walk to the door, looking for my keys.