The North Will One Day Become South

This won’t be a long entry, but it is one that means a lot to me.

Going up North always meant something special – free time, weekend, vacation, new tools to work with, films, darkroom material, and so on.

I’m amazed to think how much things haven’t changed in fact.

Anyway – there was one compelling reason to make a road trip up North: A shiny new device that’s hard to find.

…and we succeeded:


Proud new owner of an Apple iPad

There were some things I had to pick up as well, like two covers for my developing tanks (bought a set of ze german developing tanks on that auction site, but they had ze old style caps), a load of film (TX, Delta, Portra) to stock up before moving, and a two-eight lens.

Somehow I’d forgotten how good this lens was – used to have one, but had to let it go for another lens I got in a super deal.

After picking up all our shiny new toys, I shipped my ol’ trusty film scanner to a friend – hope it has safe travels.

Then, classic Texas road trip, we headed to the mall, and it was a weird experience.


Random fitting room lobby

Then walking around the place, we tried to find a restroom.

We headed into Joe Brand, and we had to visit a not so public second floor to get there.

It was a very weird experience.


Strange placement of objects


The second floor was filled with chairs and mannequins


After the pit stop.

Before leaving there was just one stop: food.

Quick, easy solution: burgers.


…what? A burger…

Then we drove all the way South across the border, and after a couple hundred of kilometers, we got home.

That’s probably the last time I’ll visit McAllen, Texas.

Hope life catches you well,