Some changes and things in between…

Sometimes things are just what you want them to be. Like the love hate relationship. “Every kiss, every caress is the sweet recognition of the infinite distance between two strangers.
It’s my time to quit my job as a photojournalist at my uni; it’s time to grow up. Life is just as good as it gets when you just have to make lists, project schedules and slowly see friends waving their hands as they say goodbye.
…just the same way I said goodbye to the young and innocent child that couldn’t speak directly because of fear.
The same way I could take back my excuses to say… “well, nah, i don’t really wanted to say i’m sorry, now that i know you and your twisted fears and coward actions, i say ‘fuck you’. But no, instead… may your errors hurt yourself enough to never learn from them”.
Still I wish I cared enough to say that. Sometimes silent words and eerie spaces are enough to see the shadows of forget rising as the slow drumbeats of drums that mark the battlefields.
This is my time to take back, and to forget or be always lying in the past.
“Mil colors, cent mil idiomes, mil ritmes canviant amb el meu passeig, la majoria de les coses estan en venda, com gairebé tot el demés, com gairebé tota la resta”