Rocking Leopard

For now, I have my very own Mexico City entry waiting…

It’s far from finished, but well… ya know… Photoshop takes some time… particularly with .NEF’s.

It’s veeeeery simple to pop your Leopard DVD and just click away “next” or “continue” and voilà… OS X 10.5 for the masses.

And what if for some strange reason the laptop won’t read the DVD as startup disk?

When life is not that simple, you can just use a Mac Pro as brain for the smaller, less powerful laptop.

You might even need to end up doing this:


Love Jeroz’ expression in the back – a man minding his own business.

Yes… a huuuge Mac Pro used as a vile Target Disk. That’s a very expensive external FireWire disk.

And so, I had to play around with dmg’s, open firmware, and single user sessions (sooo in looove with the dark screen, and console appearance)… to finally get HERE:

Rewarding results

And just like in American Beauty… I yelled: “I RULE“.

Now… after about 35k lines of installation log… here are some useful tips I found. In fact, this is much more for me than you… so I remember stuff. If you couldn’t care less… skip to the bottom of the separator…


  • I hated the glossy dock… so I changed it. Since ObjectDock just won’t work (haven’t looked for it yet), I found a cool console command:

    defaults write no-glass -boolean YES

    killall Dock

  • I also like to know where I am placed every instant I look to the toolbar, so I want to see a full path à la windows:

    defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES

    …ah yes… I am in /Developer/Applications/Utilities… that’s why the regular system utilities are not here.

    Now I get it.

  • Front Row. Yes! Awesome idea, Cupertino. But… if I don’t have a remote how can I access it?


    Command + Esc

Thanks to D.W. Hoard at CalTech for his lovely site with OS X tips. You can learn how to change the login shell, and other practical stuff there.


I’m off for now… I’ve been having a headache today, and have still many photos to go through.

Hope life catches you well.