On being after everything…

In a way life is getting colder. It’s just like standing in this huge theater. Just you and your instrument. Single spotlight in stage. You can just hear the silence all around you; no-one is watching.

Feelings seem to be contrived from this intelligence that dares not to say where we have gone.

I’ve been close to my nervous breakdown. So much in life; so much to talk about.

All the feelings that were repressed that have been talked of. It’s something like speaking the heart out. Speaking it out until it runs out of air. Until your tongue feels dry and the eyes are filled with tears.

Haven’t slept so peacefully for a long time.
Haven’t told you how much you mean to me, in a while.

Yet somehow, I will put an end to all this.

You and me ain’t over until there’s earth between us. Not the kind of earth you find in a silence, or in a simple 8 hour drive; but the one you find in forgetfulness. The one that is so silent and cold that you can’t even face. The one that makes you repent and realize all you’ve lost.