Ok… spam bots – WTF?!?!?!

I got this in an e-mail the other day.

Someone’s got to start working on content generators for spam bots that send stupid e-mails…

I did not erase this because it seemed sooo funny… hahaha… sound like the bot would be hiiiiiiiigh.

Here is a verbatim copy of the mail:


bookkeepers but he never counted his chickens before they were let him hit his own trail footloose last long but he made up his mind he would do his best to earn that
not be often brought into use How would you like to be my pupil sky was blue and cloudless blending with the water in a vast azure Secretary Billy grinned at Dot Motion in order to send a committee
of a telegraph operator in Boston As I have told you after the At last they landed where from far your eyes Amazd with running water we prepare
Redeem yourselves and me from that disgrace His blotted form and blushing to be known Unknown from whence they took their airy flight
Has left the Trojan camp without defense This foul reproach Ascanius could not hear Witness the fresh laments and funral tears undried.
All-seeing sun and thou Ausonian soil and asking me dangerous questions as to where I was going invitation from the Antislavery Society of New York to address
Letters were written to Northern friends of Stephen who confirmed living in the Pottawatomie valley and slew five men. The authors one of his men with one of his prisoners and then Stevens and


sarcasm: ON

Yeah… I totally agree come on…. Hahahaha it may even be useful to consider this as a dadaist bot. Please, just try picturing how proud would Tristan Tzara be. We humans are soooo smart… we can now create dadaist computer bots that send their shit around internet.

Please… let’s celebrate and get wasted….

sarcasm: OFF