“Oh, I have a DW…” – Pffft

I had to shoot a leadership thing today. It was rather simple, but the speaker was good. He kept most of the students focused on the presentation.

Before going there, the secretary at the newspaper office gave me the camera (I ain’t carrying my equipment for a simple shoot that they’re not going to publish). When I was on my way to the shoot, I opened the bag to check out the camera, which turned out to be the Canon eos rebel. Great. I had two minutes to learn how to use a camera system I’ve never used before.

I’ve always been a Nikon man. Nothing against Canon, but when I decided to go into digital, Canon did not give me as much as the Nikons offered, for a relatively similar price. Anyway… the shoot was not that bad. I learned to use the thing and somehow got somewhat useful photos; nothing really spectacular, though.
After the event, I handed the camera back, and went to finish some programming assignments. Once done, something came to mind:

Jazz club today.

I went to the jazz club. It turned out to be rather funny to see that there were four drummers in the room.

One in the drums, the others sitting around.

Yeah. I cannot deny my type. Unfortunately, one of them sucked. I mean… literally. He smelled bad. It is terrible to share a small hot room with someone that stinks and plays horribly. To my surprise, a girl played amazingly well. She could clearly kick my ass.


Then, the rest of the time, I wanted to leave. I mean, yes… it’s cool like to be in the jazz club and everything, but I hate the fact that the guys do not do it for the music. They do it to try and show off how good they’re at something artsy fartsy. pfffft.

Puberty’s soo over.

Oh yes… and this girl couldn’t wait to show off… she talked to me about music, artists and shit, then proceeded to ask me about my drum set. I said I have a Yamaha stage cst adv. It’s not the top class set, but I like it. Then I asked what set did she have.

“Oh, I have a dw”.

I just smiled saying that I’m not thaaat much into drums. When you buy a set that costs USD5000 shells only, you HAVE to love drums. Still, if I had the fucking USD5000 to burn on a kit, I’d buy an Ayotte kit. But no… what the fuck!!! I’d get my self a Hasselblad or a Leica Nocti.



Gotta go back to program more crap in .Net.