Le Voyeur du Jardin

I know you from somewhere.

You are the only one of your kind where you are.

Little I know about you, where you come from, and what lies in your mind.

I know who kissed you first.

I know how hard it was for you to let go all the fear, and the uncertainty.

I know how you fell in love with the concept and the facts.

I know what you said before letting all go and stop all thinking.

I know how it all became hard, cold and distant.

I know about the tears, and the way you had to fly to a far away land to forget.

I know how history came back to you, and you surrendered to the heart.

I know at least a part of you walks everyday knowing deep inside everything that happened.

I know that as you look at me and say goodbye I witnessed it all.

I know I was not an active part of your story, but was all the time there.

I know it is time to not say a thing and just smile and nod.