Just where you belong…

This is life half asleep, half awake. Eveything is so blurry. I’m alive, breathing… just somewhere I don’t know how I got. People now seem to talk to me. It seems like I’ve changed. I am no longer hated for what I’ve done. How much can people change. How much can people believe in what other people take as dogmas. Their dogmas. Their ways of finding out the universe around them.

Three simple words bring the ocean to the sand.

People lie about what’s left inside. The bullet’s in the middle; the battlefield is clear from this view.

This is all I’ve said; this is all I deserve.

To walk around strangers; a foreigner in my own lands.

A party where people are rather happy to see me. The same that would not see you to the eyes. The place you’ve been and now you’re back. People who have not an idea of what’s behind, or what’s the deep blue that the heart breathes.

The sweet sound of an honest  idea that says the lightest of truths.

And the desire to turn everything to ashes; nothing matters, nothing ever did.

A singular intension… peace of mind.

To breathe the truths and to exhale the coherence with feelings and ideas, eventhough it may never be the same equivalence.