Ça commence encore ||| Fotofase Sucks color-wise as well.

I’m quitting my job.

Well… it’s not exactly my job. It’s my “I don’t have anything else to do, and I need to pay the rent” kind of thing.

I am having a hard time matching my profile that my manager expects from me due to several reasons:

  • I’m not a robot. It’s fucked up to work extra hours because of his mistakes/shortcomings
  • I have a mind of my own, and use it rather frequently; I am not going to do work shit just because he thinks it should be done. Demonstrate me why, and where the importance of that shit lies.
  • I can’t stand working for dishonest people. I’ve got principles.

If you want a professional team, treat your team like one.

That’s all I have to say about my soon-to-be ex-job.

…when in doubt try to figure what exact problem you are trying to solve.

In my case, I’m not looking for anything over-the-top. I want to read a little more, to do some more stuff in a sandbox before actually throwing myself at the big sharks.

This feels a bit weird because I’m on my own now. (own, now, won, … stupid Word Challenge App in FB).

This means no known friends, no known teachers, and the lovely uncertainty of wondering if I’m any good for it.

Well, the start seems good. I got all expenses covered on my own. No longer depending on dad. I’m sort of a grown up now.

I wonder how many people in grad school still phone home: “Dad, can I have a deposit?“. Or… “Dad, I am an idiot and lost my credit card for the 25th time….. even though I am theoretically a grown-up and should be doing these things myself, can you get me a replacement?“. I guess it’s very different between people, so I won’t keep on bitching.

I have a feeling that this will be totally worth it… with or without my usual paradigms.

…so I got some photos from the lab.

Since it was good, old colour negatives, I took it to Fotofase.

Yes, Fotofase SUCKS for b&w, but come on… how difficult is it for super standard C-41? you just put the roll in the machine, and voilà… developed film.

So I dropped the film, asked the negs to be uncut (hate the fucking 4-frame strips when I have 6 strip storage pages).

I have my own scanner, so I do the scanning even though it takes AGES (I’m on a super-tight budget now).

Guess what… *drum rolls*… Fotofase keeps the official WE SUCK ROYAL title.

They hand me my negative inside a long plastic cover. I wonder how they put the film in there gently… my guess is that they just push the film in.

I did not want to pull out the film, so i cut along the edge, to slide the film gently out of the wrap/cover, only to find out it is completely scratched.

Not as in hairline scratch… more like Dear Sir, we put your film through a sand box with pieces of broken glass, and just for the sake of it, our cat decided to sharpen his nails scratching your film.

One of the frames had the red layer completely torn off. Yes, that’s the security layer…

Now, you get it? They are CRAP.

There’s some thing I like about doing a BW conversion with portra 160VC. I love that film. Most of the time I’m in between leaving it color, or BW…

For BW, I am an Ilford Delta fan.

So here are the photos:

Self, brilliant slanting btw. 160 VC.
El Norte is Monterrey’s biggest newspaper. It’s shit, if you ask me.
El Sol is an even shittier shit done by the same organization that contains blood, car crashes, and almost naked girls.
Oh so classy. 160 VC.
Self, looking for something… don’t remember what. 160 VC.
N with her new toy. ~1/8s @f1.4 160 VC.
Martist – I think he liked this one. ~1/4s @f1.4 (only in a RF) 160 VC.

That’s about it. Will scan some 6×6 frames sometime soon.

If you know Spanish, here’s my letter to the assholes at Fotofase:

Llevé un Portra 160VC a la sucursal de Barrio Antiguo y pedí que no cortaran el rollo (odio las tiras de 4, y tengo hojas de tiras 6, entonces prefiero cortarlo yo).

Me entregaron en una funda de plástico traslúcido mi negativo, y al sacarlo para escanearlo, me dí cuenta que estaba TODO rayado.

No sé si no saben meter el negativo ahí, o si lo pasaron por arena y le pusieron un gato encima para que se revolcara. No sé si la máquina está vieja, o qué pasó. Me parece ridículo que un laboratorio de fotografía maltrate de esa manera mis negativos.

Fue tan fuerte el maltrato, que en un cuadro, la capa protectora del negativo (la que hace que se vean rojos o marrones – c-41) está rasgada.

R A S G A D A.

Mis fotografías no se merecen dicho trato.

No regresaré con ud, y si alguien me pide una recomendación de laboratorio, no serán ustedes.

Dudo que FotoLab del Norte sea tan descuidado.

Hope life catches you well.