An Undo Button to Life…

…and there was a small fair near where we live.

Funny all the things that happen when a local church celebrates its anniversary. Caramel apples, flavoured cottons, raffles, lottery, bingo, and mechanical attractions.

I just bought a t-shirt with Mexican sign language printed on it.

Shot a few pics… hopefully one or two will be decent.

Came back early because of classes tomorrow… this week will get hectic. Huge exams next week

Just as I was folding my clothes after washing them, I turned inside out one of my g/f’s shirts. The first thing that came to mind was… “undo… undo… undo”, but then remembered this was no Word, Excel, etc… and thus, there was no UNDO button to life.

Now… how awesome would that be..?

I mean… the  possibilities are endless:

You fail a test– undo!
You get a no-hire after the intership– undo!
You wake up besides a mistake– UNDO!