An open letter to the world

So this is it. There are certain people who wonder what has been going on. Well, many many things (what you see, hear and think is less than 10% of the whole story).
I have not felt this peaceful since I was naïve, young, and innocent. I have come to terms with my life, with my school, and with my love. I’ve been blessed with all of these gifts; they are as good as any man could wish for. However, while many people have struggled to “get over the past” or tried to think they are doing it, I find their efforts to hurt, or to “avenge” their problems with us quite pointless (and somewhat amusing). I’ve seen things lately: people trying really hard to pretend something they will never be, people claiming so hard they are happy, that it is frankly laughable, people believing in the lies they told themselves because their reality was so depressing and unfortunate. Come on… if you lie to yourself, and then believe in that lie, what can you expect from your life? The more you insist on trying to hurt, the more we stand together.
I know what I have, but above all, I know what I believe in. I believe in love and happiness; I believe that what you give is what you get back. Do I need the world to know what I believe in? No. Am I so desperately starving for approval? No. I would rather be talking to one person – a true friend or loved one – what is going on with my life, than using my weblog for trying to scream things to the world. Please – Am I that insecure and coward?
Primary-school times have long passed us by.
If I never write anything, it is because I have been busy living life, not gathering themes or subjects for my blog. Please. Life is not in Blogspot, or Facebook, life’s out there – take my word… I’m a systems guy. Maybe that’s why I have a blog: to pour thoughts that are meant for me only… sort of a reminder of where I’ve been, not something to show off. I don’t know who comes here.
-As if I even cared who reads this blog –

Maybe that is all there is to it; most of the people will never get over the past; others will never understand why forgiveness and look back with hateful eyes.
..and I just wanted to say this for once being truly honest and transparent:
I’m happy like never before.
Love, and blessings for all of you.
P.D. Get more sleep, exercise, kiss with eyes shut, and if you do it, make sure you’re in love.