an hour or so from here – Steilacoom

After passing an x-ray checkpoint leaving Mexico City, I was wondering if my film would be fucked up, so I shot a lot of crappy frames just to get it developed quickly.

What sucked is having to go through a manual check thrice before actually boarding my plane.

…that’s the curse of being a photo addict who majored in computer science. Looots of electronic stuff on my bag all the times I travel.

Luckily… *Gasp*… not all of the frames sucked. As usual, this is the M6. Portra VC 400, i think.

Second day. At Linda’s with Moni, Pao, Pablo, and John.
Day three. Looking for a place in Seattle.
Random Capitol Hill post
Day three… Leasing Office
End of day three… At Linda’s with Paula, Nate and Amir
After Linda’s we had dinner at the Oddfellows’. Awesome place.
Yours truly…. photographed by Pablo.

Then we headed to the cinema to watch Slumdog MIllionaire. Goooood film. Funny thing it was made to appeal to a worldwide audience. Smart people.

Next day at Top Pot. I don’t know why I love it so much. Maybe because it conveys a sense of sadness.
A cold day… this is the view from the apartment.

Some other day, I was online, and said hi to my long time friend, Bob. We are now working on the same software company. It’s strange to take a look around and see many people I used to attend classes with.


Bob did not know I had come.

I im’d him, and he said: “So, when are you visiting?”.

My response: “Take a look at my e-mail address”.

It was quite funny… specially because he was not expecting it.

After chatting for a while, he said that there was this Flickr meet-up somewhere an hour away from here.

I’ve never been a big fan of Flickr, but for a change, I decided to go, see, and then bitch if it sucked.

And so we drove over to Steilacoom, WA.

The meet-up place: Bair Drug and Hardware Store – some sort of Ye Olde Drug Shoppe.

I lugged along some gear… because you know… what if you found something that will be awesome in squared neg…

Now I see that is stupid… I mean… you just need ONE camera to get the job done if you’re good enough. (as long as you don’t need to wire images back…. when photographing just for you).

This is before the drug shoppe was open…

Then I switched to digital.

I guess these were mugs of people who helped to remodel the drug store – being originally founded in 1896
The look from behind the post office booth – the place was packed
The wall of post boxes

I shot most of it digital… I carried the m6 and the Rolleiflex around, but being so packed, didn´t really feel like using more than a couple of film frames.

Film – photo taken by Bob…
Typical barber shop right on Main St. USA

After a while, Bob and I just got tired of being with the Flickerites and decided to walk our own path…. down some railroad tracks.

This is where the tracks led us – Digital
Flare on film.
Flare on digital
I have no idea what was Bob doing or putting on the tracks… you know… this is why trains derail…. hehehe.
As with previous series, I’m a big fan of photographing shadows as a sort of self portrait with someone else.
Some random dock
Simple portrait. Showing Bob some oof blur.
A restored carriage house.
A horse’s shoe.
Tools of the trade

…and that was all there was to Steilacoom.

I’ll try and find out some other places to go to.


Hope life catches you well…